Enjoy Financial Compensation You Can Count On!

As a child care provider, the burden has been on you to collect from the families you serve…but not anymore! With MI Tri-Share, you receive 100% of a qualified employee’s child care payment directly from the statewide administrative partner, United Way of Northwest Michigan (UWNWMI). No more collecting. No more wondering when you’ll receive payment. MI Tri-Share handles it all.


Child Care Benefits of Participating in the MI Tri-Share Program

Direct Payments

Payment for 100% of a qualified employee’s child care is made directly to you through United Way of Northwest Michigan.

Payments are typically made to providers within one week of invoices being received.

Click here to access the billing portal.

Business Stability

Your business is stabilized through consistent and timely payments.

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Program Information for Child Care Providers

MI Tri-Share is an employer-driven benefit.

Child care providers can be both an employer and a provider of care! See the employer section for more details or Contact us if you would like to offer this program to your employees.

Employees of participating employers can choose any licensed child care provider(s) that meets their unique needs. Employees may opt to use their existing child care provider (if licensed). Employees are able to have children placed with multiple providers.

Child care providers will not increase rates for families because they are participating in the MI Tri-Share program. This does not include when child care rates for all families increase (based on annual tuition increase, cost of living, etc.).

The following licensed child care options can be eligible for the MI Tri-Share Program:

  • Traditional Care (Full/Part Time)
  • Preschool
  • Before and After School Care
  • Summer Care
  • Summer Camps


What are my responsibilities?

Participating Employers

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Employer Contributions
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Family Savings
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Current numbers are for United Way Northwest hub.

You ask, we answer

Only licensed care in Michigan is covered. This can be for full-time or part-time care, preschool, before and after school care, summer care, summer camps, or a combination of these choices.

Only families who work for a participating employer are eligible.

It is very easy to participate! Child Care providers will need to read and sign the provider agreement (both pages), fill out the provider information sheet and W-9, and then return all documents to the UWNWMI MI Tri-Share staff.

You will log in to the billing system, enter the hours and cost of care for each child participating in the MI Tri-Share program, and upload an invoice if you have one.

If your invoice is received by Friday one week, you will be paid the following week. You will receive 100% payment for your invoice total as long as it matches the maximum care amount approved for the employee, even if we have not received the employee, employer, or state payments.

  • Parent’s Name/UWNWMI
  • Address
  • Child’s Name
  • Dates of Care (start and end date)
  • Total Cost of Care for the Dates of Care

*Each child, dates of care, and the cost of care must be listed on a separate line.

The employee or child care provider will need to fill out a Care Change Form. Both parties must sign the form indicating they are aware and approve of the change. The form will then be forwarded to the UWNWMI MI Tri-Share staff for processing.

Changes may take up to a maximum of 30 days to initiate. Parents are responsible for paying for any increase while this is in process.

Child Care costs are only covered by MI Tri-Share while the employee is employed. If a separation occurs, as of the termination date 100% of child care costs are the employee’s responsibility.

Child Care providers may also be asked to participate in data collection processes implemented by the evaluation team. These may include, but are not limited to, focus groups, surveys, interviews, etc.