The employees you need, need this.

One of the greatest barriers for people pursuing — or keeping — a great job is the cost of child care. By participating in MI Tri-Share, you’re able to offer employees assistance with affordable, reliable child care.

As a result, employees can focus on their work and worry less about child care.


What are the benefits for employers?

Recruitment Benefits

You can offer a new, highly desirable benefit that improves recruitment and retention, while reducing absenteeism.

Removing Barriers

Removes a significant barrier for the employees you need.

Financial Relief

Provides financial relief for your employees by reducing out-of-pocket costs for child care.


Flexibility to determine your commitment

  • You set a maximum dollar amount investment and parameters.
    • Examples: First come, first serve process, employee lottery/random selection, employee needs (i.e., closest to 200% FPL)
  • You decide how many child care slots should be offered to employees.
    • Examples: Each participating family receives one slot, participating families receive multiple slots based on how many children need care, participating families receive one or multiple slots based on the greatest need
  • Employee contributions will be collected through payroll deduction.
  • United Way of Northwest Michigan will assist your business and provide administration of the program.

Employer Responsibilites

What are my responsibilities?

Location requirements:

Eligible employers must be based or have offices within the State of Michigan. Please consult with your regional facilitator hub or UWNWMI if you have questions.

Interested in signing up or have additional questions?

Interested in signing up?

Participating Employers

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You ask, we answer

Yes, payroll deductions are required in order to participate in the program.

No, the UWNWMI MI Tri-Share staff will review employee applications, determine if the employee qualifies, and communicate the status with the employee.

UWNWMI Mi Tri-Share staff will contact the employer with the specific amount for each approved employee. Employers will then determine the benefit start date based on the payroll cycle. 

An invoice will be emailed to employers on a  bi-weekly or monthly schedule detailing the portion owed by the employer and employee. 

Invoices are due within 20 days of receipt.

Yes, if care hours, care rates, or child care providers change, the payroll deduction amount will need to be updated. UWNWMI MI Tri-Share staff will contact employers to make adjustments as needed.

Employers are responsible for informing the UWNWMI MI Tri-Share staff within one week or sooner of a participating employee’s last day of employment.

There may be possible deductions for employers; please always consult with your tax professional or CPA if you have questions related to tax deductions. Please also view the MI Tri-Share tax document HERE.

No, an employer must pay at least 1/3 of the cost to participate in the MI Tri-Share program. The premise of the program is that the full care cost is split three ways between the employer, employee, and the state of Michigan.

Employees must sign and adhere to an agreement put forth by United Way of Northwest Michigan. Child care costs are only covered while the employee is employed. If a separation occurs, as of the termination date, 100% of child care costs are the employee’s responsibility.

Employers may be asked to participate in data collection processes implemented by the evaluation team. These may include, but are not limited to, focus groups, surveys, and interviews. To the extent possible, employers should be willing to actively participate in gathering this information.